ABOUT THE KNIGHTS OF THE REALM This is the third book in the Weapon Mythos from the Ever War saga, an action and adventure Fantasy series. Seven years after the battle at Bedland Hollow has seen Tatem, named Weapon by the 7th Realm, and his friends, grow up and grow apart as they separately toil away at their respective jobs. Meanwhile... war has been brewing. After seven years of relative peace and the boredom of a routine life, the tranquility and drudgery is shattered with a declaration of war. As the War of the Realms starts Weapon is reassigned to the field of battle, and reunited with Julienna, who has been taken by the realm and renamed Gunhamara. Sebastian must balance his righteous fury with guile as he is torn between leading the war, and surviving the political intrigue of Sotom. Ferret (once known as Jonn) is on the run after absconding his duties to the 7th Realm, and Honest (once known as Gade) is in pursuit, keen to interrogate all the men from Southeby. As the 7th and 5th Realms go to war at the northern border a massive force of Trolls have banded together and lay siege to Southeby. The people of Southeby are ignored by the capitol and must fend for themselves, ultimately deciding whether to fight to the last or take their chances and escape. Meanwhile a far more ancient evil, long thought defeated, is taking advantage of the chaos to achieve the power he had once been denied.
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