ABOUT TATEM'S WAKE This is the final novel in the Weapon Mythos and the conclusion to the Ever War saga, an action and adventure Fantasy series. Seven years of war have taken a heavy toll on the people of the Realm as they make their armies seek to finally breach the Empyr, uniting the entire western half of Laurasia under one rule. Legion's plans to dominate the world are close to finally coming to fruition, but at the height of his power his armies are spread thin between three separate wars. The elves own the seas and make hit and run attacks against coastal towns, while the trolls have carved out their own territory, Trollthane, in the south, and the Realm has become entangled in a stalemate battle with the Empyr in the north. Then he is reminded of an old prophecy that could foretell his downfall. Suddenly he sees a clear path to victory. As he seeks to eliminate the Bringer of Change he prepares to shift the course of the future. Tatem is struggling with the burden of his rank, but just as he feels that darkness might envelope the world, a reason to hope is presented to him. He is to travel to the Empyr, as Legion's emissary, and finalize a peace accord. Julienna travels back south with Medic, aware that a secret she's hiding could put her in extreme danger if it were to be discovered. As the Realm is embroiled in multiple wars and Legion attempts to bring the world under his rule a cosmic horror once again begins to stir, setting its malefic gaze upon Terra.
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