ABOUT LOST LORE This is the fourth book in the Weapon Mythos from the Ever War saga, an action and adventure Fantasy series. The Echoes of the Ever War books are short story anthologies that take place during the time between main saga books. They provide more extensive exposure to less prominent characters, include complete tales only hinted at, and grant access to otherwise unseen parts of the world. PARIAH- Jimmy travels to the Lands Beyond Farshore to confront his history. TINKER, TOGGLE, SOLDER, SWITCH - Legion corrupts the Realm into obedience as the brightest minds at his disposal create new weapons of war. SOLDIER - Lieutenant Ellison tames the lawless and unruly, doling out punishment as justice. A TORTURER'S TALE - The Guild of Truth will interrogate anyone, even one of their own. ACOLYTES - While Xavier Smithe protects Weapon from radicalized dissidents, Ma and Pa grow the Cult of Wyrmwood. JULIENNA'S SECRET GARDEN - Julienna's diary details her life during her deployment with Tatem. AN EXECUTIONER'S TALE - Hemlock and Nynelf are determined to make this their final battle. REQUIEM - When a soldier begs to die Medic is overcome with the pain of his limitations, and reaches out to his element in a way he has never before done. THE HOUSE OF LILLITH - The Empress meets a sinister suitor while she's attempting to conceive a path to peace between the Empyr and the Realm. SURVIVOR - A grizzled gunslinger must outrun his reputation to have a chance at finding peace.
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