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D.W. Hawthorne

D.W. Hawthorne was born in 1978. He currently resides in Australia with his wife and has completed a degree in English from the University of Connecticut. He writes reviews and news articles for the website To follow his continued writing projects and get more information on The Ever War you can follow his blog. You can listen to his recent podcast interview at

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About The Ever War

The Ever War is a fantasy series that combines elements of Fantasy, Steam Punk, Spaghetti Western, Horror, Theology, Mythology and History in a classic tale of Good Vs Evil. The complete saga will be comprised of three trilogies that span decades and generations. The Weapon Mythos is available in its completion including two short story anthologies that take place during the Seven year gap between novels. The two prequel trilogies are currently in development. The entire Weapon Mythos is listed below in chronological order.

The Bad Lands: In the time before time the world was neither pure nor innocent. Join the adventure of seven young men meeting the horrors of the world and taking their first steps towards an even darker future.

Untold Tales: The lives of heroes and villains are twisted together as the whispers of war wind their way across the tongues of men. See the moments that shaped the dawn of the War of the Realms in the years directly following the battle of Bedland Hollow.

The Knights of The Realm: It has been seven years since the battle at Bedland Hollow and the 7th Realm is again facing a time of great conflict. Rejoin the adventure as the land threatens to tumble into darkness.

Lost Lore: Even after the conclusion of the War of the Realms conquest, vengeance and greed continue to threaten the world as the scale of war escalates. Heroes and villains seek not only the reasons to keep fighting, but also the means to discern a path to peace.

Tatem's Wake: It has been seven years since Legion became ascendant and the Realm has been immersed in an unending state of war. Conclude the adventure as heroes rise and fall with the world at stake.